Circuit Stewards in the Circuit?

Every Circuit also has a team of Circuit Stewards that over see the work of the Circuit:

Mrs Pauline Shilston


Mr Roger Griffiths


Mrs Marilyn Woodley


Mr Jonathan Griffiths


Mrs Maggie Netto



What do circuit stewards do? (taken From the Methodist Church Website)

Inviting the appropriate ministers, overseeing finance and supporting local churches as they tackle the challenges of being church in the 21st century are top of the agenda for the circuit steward.

However, worshipping God is the central pursuit of the Methodist Church so the starting point for all circuit stewards is their relationship with God and other Christians; meeting together for worship and friendship to sustain their service to the church and people of the Circuit.

As well as regular practical challenges circuit stewards are also commissioned to take on strategic leadership decisions. Because the role gives a panoramic view of the Circuit, stewards are able to help co-ordinate the development of evangelism and mission within local churches in their area.

Circuit stewards have to strike the right balance between the practical and spiritual responsibilities of their role and, because the role carries increased responsibility, it may be a good idea for potential stewards to scale back other commitments in the local church.

Some of the circuit stewards' duties

        information about the community

        the ethos of the local church

        what resources are available for collaborative ministry between the circuit staff and for ecumenical work

        what resources are available for collaborative work with local community

        holidays, days off and places for retreat

        how pastoral support may be offered in the future